EnerTech is capable of delivering development, advisory, consulting, and project management & construction management (PMCM) services to clients. We provide our services in the following fields:


As an ESCO (Energy Services Company), we offer specialized financial tools to offset or eliminate the upfront capital expenditure of investing in energy efficiency solutions. As part of the commitment to our customers, we provide savings guarantees that installed improvements will perform as expected. EnerTech also arranges project financing and Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC).

Oil and Gas

EnerTech provides advisory and consulting services in technologies that will enhance oil production in order to promote sustainable oil consumption. Some of the technologies deployed aim to address issues such as enhanced oil recovery and desulfurization.

Water Technology

EnerTech works on technologies and methodologies that will assist in providing additional sustainable water sources to meet the growth in demand in the region. The focus has been on water conservation products, water leakage detection and monitoring, water treatment systems, water distribution and management systems and water desalination systems.

Sustainability Solutions

EnerTech aims to conserve consumption of resources and to protect natural systems through the utilization of new technologies.


  • Environmental preservation and awareness consultancy and solutions
  • Waste to Energy solutions
  • Energy Efficiency (EE) technologies
  • Photovoltaic (PV) solutions
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) solutions

Energy Auditing

EnerTech is a leading provider of energy audits for the Kuwait energy efficiency market.

A methodical approach to optimize energy is followed, which includes analyzing the facility’s operations and resources uses in order to produce cost effective efficiency measures. We prioritize the strategies according to the required level of
investment and payback periods.


  • Completing preliminary design for energy efficient retrofits
  • Managing the procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of retrofits
  • Preparing preliminary and detailed energy audits
  • Assessing the economic feasibility of energy retrofit strategies
  • Providing financing advice to clients on energy retrofits

Green Building Consultancy

EnerTech provides consultancy to assist design teams, contractors, building owners, financiers, and operators in meeting the requirements of green building certifications in a holistic manner. We provides advisory and consulting services for green building certifications such as LEED® and GSAS.

Research and Development

EnerTech provides research and development services to enhance project delivery.


  • Preparing feasibility studies and technical studies
  • Arranging project management services of renewable energy related projects
  • Providing market research within energy, water and clean technology sectors

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